Patrick Foley

B.S.W.,  M.A., PhD

Patrick is an Organisational Performance expert specializing in strategic leadership and corporate entrepreneurship, employee engagement, innovation, capability development and company performance. He has been an Associate Professorship at Melbourne University where he maintains a position as a University Fellow. He is a well known executive consultant in the private, public and not for profit .He consults to many of Australia’s leading private and public organisations, Global 100 companies, and many government organisations. He was the principal consultant for the Australian Human Resource Benchmarking Program that involved over 200 Australian companies and his work has been cited and used in a number of leading HR texts and courses. He has constructed benchmarking systems, in both the HR function and non-HR areas; such as customer service, employee engagement, organisational learning processes, and has led international competitive benchmarking projects.

Pat focuses on how organizations can improve their productivity by improving the management of their human assets and explores both Human Resource functions areas and practice areas. He benchmarks all aspects of Human Resource Management from recruitment to training. He regularly conducts executive team development workshops, senior management strategy reviews and helps organisations construct strategy maps and performance measurement systems. His expertise also focuses on strategic leadership and high performance firms, benchmarking against the top 1000 Australian firms. He is on the editorial review board of the Journal of Managerial Psychology and is a reviewer of many leading journals, and heads up our team of facilitators/trainers, field researchers and benchmarkers.