Daniel Oates

“Beverley Honig adds value to any event or program.”

Gary Gilmore

“Beverley encourages positivity and is a clear and inspirational presenter”

Ross Kershaw

“Beverley demystifies things and has improved my chances for the future. A true thought leader”

Julie Mack

“Beverley Honig is an accomplished presenter and speaker with real life experience, a refreshing change from others and I received true value from her words”

Niall Gavin

“A stirring presentation, combining wit, inspiration and great insights”

Ian Stewart

“Practical relevant speaker, extremely beneficial presentation”

Dallas Hurst

“Beverley has great relevance and value as a speaker. Loved every minute”

Brett Walker

“Beverley has given me a different perspective on things. Highly refreshing, super informative, and most worthwhile. I’d hear her again and again”

Rita Trewin

“Just Do it! Hire Beverley. She’s great”

Brian Dux

“Beverley Honig knows business, and has a deep knowledge across industries and what clients need.  Listening to her has filled in the gaps of what I’ve been missing for years.”