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Honeylight Enterprises Pty Ltd comprises global experts in Contract and Change.  We are proud to offer a worldwide Centre of Excellence to all our clients to exchange knowledge, share views and build knowledge.  The Centre of Excellence is an invaluable resource to every organisation grappling with the significant opportunities presented by contracts and change. 

Being part of our Centre of ExcellenceTM offers you access to the following BEPSGO© advantages:

  1. Benchmarking performance indicators and access to latest global research data.
  2. Expert opinions and leading edge practice in your field
  3. Password based access to our online Forum to share knowledge on current issues and challenges, ideas, tips, tools and advice
  4. Set up company specific forum within our Centre of Excellence
  5. Group discounts to our specialised courses in your field
  6. Online content relevant networking with industry business colleagues

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Managing Change  

Change is a leadership competency. To succeed, every manager needs an applied and practical approach to managing change. Grasp the principles of change management through the use of easily adaptable tools and templates, be equipped with a readiness to manage any change and build in flexible mechanisms to manage stakeholder relationships in a meaningful and effective manner.

Effective Commercial Contract Management

Contract Management is the process of managing procurement, contracts, deliverables, deadlines and customer satisfaction.  Contract Management impacts many areas within an organisation and can significantly influence its budget, operations, customer service and public image. Effective pre and post-award management is essential to the seamless acceptance of supplies and services. From procurement to contract management training, managing contracts is a critical skill in the success of any operation.

Strategic Project Management in a Changing Environment

Project management is fast becoming a necessary competency in all organisations.  Thinking strategically early in the project lifecycle is critical to the success of any project. Today’s project manager has become the linchpin in the horizontal/vertical organizations we're creating. Be equipped with practical concepts, tools and techniques to think and act as a change leader.

Centre of Excellence Director

Beverley Honig BA LLB MBA  is the CEO of Honeylight Enterprises Pty Ltd and is well known globally as a business guru.  She is a preeminent business consultant to corporations and government bodies and a popular training developer and facilitator, with a background as an international lawyer and sessional judge. She is the author of the authoritative bestseller business book “Making Contracts Work” and a renowned international public speaker. She brings her many years of general management experience in public companies including Coles Myer, where she held responsibilities for asset portfolios worth $1.5 billion. 

She has held board directorships across multiple industries, including Board Director Melbourne Markets, Centre for Adult Education, AICC and Presiding Judge, Essential Services Commission Appeals.  She is a sessional lecturer and facilitator for QUT Business School’s Executive MBA Program in Complex Project Management in Canberra, and is also a sessional lecturer at Melbourne University in Business Management.  Beverley was nominated International Businesswomen of the year and is the recipient of several business awards presented by the Prime Minister, in recognition of outstanding contribution to international trade links. Beverley is listed in the Who’s Who of Business.

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