International Projects

International Projects

Global Innovation: Facilitation Innovation & Developing Markets


First Nations Blockchain Pty Ltd

Aboriginal business with a patented blockchain to authenticate Indigenous art, artifacts and produce with a unique tag/track/trace/trade platform for transparency to stamp out fakes and protect indigenous cultural intellectual property.


Uniper Care Pty Ltd

Reduce loneliness amongst older and isolated people by bringing community into the home through Uniper's ability to convert any TV into a multi-way medium to join group sessions for social and healthcare - also enables tele-health through TV.


Greenville Developements

Innovative project managers who up-cycle shipping containers into innovative mobile offices, labs and shops.


Career Boot Camp

Career development for students and graduates looking to find themselves and their futures. Special program for internationals, graduate internships and hackathons.


L.E.A.P. Programs

Legal Entrepreneurship Award Programs - Masterclasses and coaching sessions to learn how to think like an entrepreneur and act like a lawyer. Explore LegalTech, participate in hackathons and win awards for most innovative.