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Gretchen Same
B.Bus (MKTG)

Research, Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Gretchen Same brings many years of experience in market intelligence and research, and is responsible for Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction research nationally. She uses her research skills to run an analytical team who are practical and outcomes driven.

Gretchen plays a key role in ensuring our surveys and focus groups are robust and valid and sets the framework for determining statistical analysis of feedback survey results and analysis. Gretchen develops many of our customer satisfaction monitors including for Financial institutions, Mining and Resource companies, Energy companies, Telcos, service organisations and government organisations.

Gretchen operates a strategic orientation that ensures the feasibility and actionability of research outcomes. Her experience with organisations of high complexity is constantly tapped on to develop and analyse customer and staff survey results. She is an accredited QPMR member (Qualified Practicing Market Researcher).

Gretchen has a Bachelor of Management degree and over 18 years of Market Research experience. She has worked across a range of industries and specialises in Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty research, staff engagement and Happiness Business Indicators.




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