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Helen Walsh

Project Management, Training & Administration

Helen has held responsible roles within some of Australia’ largest service businesses, and has applied this experience and knowledge to build on new opportunities. She has managed a growing consumer based business centre and implemented new systems and processes to improve the efficiency of the business. Given her close contact with both management and the public, she has been recognised as a master of managing challenging situations and keeping a cool head. She has also applied these skills to fund raising activities and community services, serving on local community committees and associations.

Helen’s sound knowledge of sourcing and procurement, contracts and workplace regulations, together with her understanding of the importance of maintaining complete confidentiality of sensitive information makes sure she streamlines the supply/demand balance of Honeylight’s business. With her excellent organization skills she is easily suited to her project management and take responsibilities for the growing training management base at Honeylight Enterprises Pty Ltd.

Helens role is to coordinate the team to ensure streamlined delivery of services and stakeholder relationship management.




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