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Jane Quartez
M. Psych.

Coaching & Organisational development


Jane brings an exceptional skill set as is evidenced by her vast experience as an Organisational Consultant, Executive and Career Coach and Psychologist. Her extraordinary conceptual and perceptive abilities are her hallmark.

Jane has worked throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as in Singapore and the US, with a number of multi-national organisations covering a wide variety of industries helping to identify key barriers to change in organisations and teams, and how to address these issues.

In her capacity as an experienced executive and career coach and mentor, she assists individuals to understand themselves (using psychological, aptitude and interest inventories as appropriate) and their organisation's/ team's dynamics. Armed with that knowledge her clients are able to work more effectively within their roles and in the development of their careers.

With a Masters of Organisational Change and Masters of Organisational Systems programs, Jane’s proficiency and qualifications as a Registered Psychologist also includes the extensive use of a wide variety of assessment tools, including 360 degree surveys and many psychoanalytical assessment tools. Jane heads up our team of coachers and organisation development operational strategists.


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