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Honeylight Recordings International is an international Music Publishing House headquartered in Australia. We select, compile, produce, manufacture, license and distribute branded music/CDs for various retail and sales media.

  • Selection of appropriate music is a critical success factor for the brand building component of the exercise, and we have a team of people specially dedicated to this from a variety of ages, styles and cultures, to ensure we produce a compilation that really works for your brand
  • Our independence from any one record label enables us to make a truly customized choice of music, without having to push any artist or group of artists, and without having to lock you into 3-5 year contracts.
  • You will also find our cost structure extremely competitive, and our speed to market relatively quick
  • We also work directly with Michael Morrison, the renowned retail specialist. He is a regular commentator in the media on current retail trends and the future retail landscape. Michael is based at Monash University and is doing a PhD on the power of music on international brands.


A. Music Selection

  • Years of directly relevant industry experience locally and internationally
  • Understand the importance of relating brand to music
  • Capabilities second to none (choice of music is a critical success factor for brand building exercise)
  • Our creative team work with you to develop concepts and select repertoire based on your client demographic and your marketing objective

B. Music Production

  • Top quality and state of the art facilities for recording and mixing tracks

C. Licensing

  • With specialized programming and global licensing expertise
  • Our licensing group ensures that all necessary permission to use rights are acquired from the copyright owners

D. Manufacturing

  • Latest production and fully accredited facilities
  • Completing the process and ensuring you receive quality finished product

E. Distribution

  • Through established music retailers
  • Through other marketing channels (online, gift with purchase, cross promotions)

F. Strategic Marketing and Business Development


Branded music CDs are used by fashion and lifestyle brands, as a new marketing tool for retail sale in store and as an online accessory. The key point of the exercise is branding and positioning, creating a music landscape for your brand so that your customers begin to like listening to each of your brands' different compilations (that suits your target market), and that your customers want to keep on listening to in the car, at home, at work, anywhere.

It is a true mobile branding tool that generates healthy revenues as well. The music will appeal to your aspirational demographic and be purchased (or given away as a gift with purchase) as a lifestyle accoutrement.

This is not about selling music; it is about promoting your brand through a different medium and channel!

These branded music CDs become your 'Mobile' Brands, and also act as a subtle reminder of your valued products. In this way, brands, retailers and cafés use the power of music ('the shorthand of emotion', as Leo Tolstoy once said) to:

  • engage the mind
  • captivate the senses
  • create a unique atmosphere and message
  • extend and build the awareness and message of the brand
  • create a lasting impression within specified target markets
  • be a potential new source of revenue on retail sale of the CDs




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