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Beverley Honig MBA, BA, LLB
Speaking engagements include:

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2017 Public Oration by Beverley Honig for Monash Law School, Monash University

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Telstra Corporation Limited Inaugural Speech for WIF Series

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International Womens Day Speaker 2016

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10-11th June 2013

Performance appraisals are conducted by many organisations worldwide. There are different emphases placed upon appraisal and these may vary based upon geographical location of the organisation. What does not change however is that appraisals should be meaningful, fair, reliable and valid. Achieving this is a challenge for people given that we are, by nature, influenced by many factors that may be external to an individuals performance when rating them. This course provides delegates with the skills to become more objective in appraisal and to turn the task into a more meaningful and effective process and a formula that works for the individuals being appraised and for the entire organisation.

Practical Performance Appraisal Management
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22nd November 2012

Making Contracts Work is your key to future success of your global sourcing. Beverley Honig, Author of the acclaimed business book "Making Contracts Work", will reveal the top 10 success factors to make your business work across Asia Pacific borders. These will include the keys to Global Business Buying and Strategic Selling, Managing strategic suppliers, how to best structure yourself for good governance, measuring for success, hotspots of innovation, and how to make your relationships work across legal and cultural differences. Beverley will share her experiences with you as an expert in the field and a global business trader.

14th March 2012

Public Speech given by Beverley Honig on the topic of "Making Strategic Suppliers Work"

11th April 2011

Keynote Speech:

What keeps board level executive sponsors of Shared Services awake
at night? Ask Beverley Honig!

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Sept 2010

Keynote Speech:
Author and expert, Beverley Honig will discuss how to align the science of procurement with the art of managing commercial contracts to get what you want done through others.

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Aug 2010

Keynote Speech:
Beverly will provide insights into a challenge common to procurement professionals around the world – how to balance innovation, risk and achievement.

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May 2009

Keynote Speech:
Speech on ‘The Future of Outsourcing and the Culture Surprise’, delivered by Beverley Honig in May 2009 at the 2009 IAOP Conference in Malaysia..

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2009 Keynote speech:
Auckland New Zealand at the 2009 CoreNetGlobal Conference entitled: ‘The Impact and measurement of Change on People and Place'

2009 Keynote speech:
Brisbane Queensland Australia at the 2009 CoreNetGlobal Summit entitled: ‘The Impact of Change on People and Place

May 2008

FMA Ideaction 2008 Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland

Presentation: The Impact and Measurement of Change on People and Place

The conundrum of measuring the impact of change in our built environment is growing.
In assessing the best way to approach this, Beverley focused on:

• Impact of built environment
• Innovation, knowledge management and corporate memory
• Productivity, empowerment risk management and attitudes
• Behaviour, motivation and resistance to change
• How best to manage change in the context of the built environment
• Local and global benchmarking a moving target
• Trends in managing and measuring change
• The impact of change on performance of property and facilities

Real life case studies were shared as examples of how changes in environment impact on
property and facility plans.

Beverley Honig,
CEO, Honeylight Enterprises Pty Ltd

March 2003

Presentation at the 2003 CoreNetglobal Shanghai Summit

Topic: Balancing the Goal of Corporate Consistency with Cultural Realities: Creating and Managing Effective Corporate Workplaces across Asia

Although many global companies strive for consistency and standardization in work and workplaces, the relationship between culture, work and workplace varies widely, particularly in Asia. The presentation examined the process by which the goal of global corporate consistency is balanced with cultural realities to create and manage effective workplaces across Asia. The program also included examples representing different industries and different countries in Asia.

Beverley Honig,
CEO, Honeylight Enterprises Pty Ltd

Clicks & Bricks Pty. Ltd

(The session was also addressed by Jerrie Bernie, Director Sun Microsystems, Workplace Resources Asia Pacific, and was moderated by Tony S.F. Wong, VP Facilities Division Asia Pacific, JP Morgan Chase & Co.)

April 2001
Public presentation and release of the Strategic Leasing Kit for
Retail Shopping Strips formulated by Honeylight Enterprises for 3 City Councils.

September 2000
• Property Council of Australia Future Direction Group
          • Topic: 'The Impact of Technology on the Property Industry'

March 2000
• Property Council of Australia's CRE Conference
          • Topic: 'The Impact of Technology on the Retail Environment'

View extract of powerpoint presentation 'The Impact of Technology on the Retail Environment'

April 1999
• National Mainstreet Conference
          • Topic: 'How do you influence Tenancy Mixes'

November 1998
• Project Leadership
          • Topic: 'Revolutionary Project Management in a Changing Environment'

April 1998
• Australian Retailers Association - keynote speaker at retail forum
          • Topic: 'The Power of Excellent Retail Planning'

• Power in Numbers National Congress - keynote speaker
          • Topic: 'The Power of Excellent Planning'

As a Director of the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Ms Honig has hosted and spoken at business forums and chaired numerous luncheons, panel discussions and forums in the presence of Ministers, visiting dignitaries, high profile businesspeople, boardroom functions, business delegations and trade missions

As a sessional lecturer and guest lecturer at Monash University's Business School, regularly talk on current issues relating to business (strategy, development, planning, training, productivity)

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